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Our Story

Founded by husband-and-wife team, Cathy & David Burge, Aarogy Innovative Textiles develops and manufactures textile technologies that improve the body,
mind and spirit. 

David, founder of Ashburn Hill Corporation, the first company to use carbon fiber in the manufacturing
of safety apparel and military uniforms, has over 40 years of experience in textile technologies.  A lifelong inventor and executive, his corporate and private innovations
have powered brands including Bounce, Swiffer, Wonderbra, Pampers Overnight, and Tecgen.  David
and Cathy learned that their Ashburn Hill carbon fiber technology captured meaningful amounts of FIR energy and, like a mirror, returned that healing FIR energy back into the body.  With a deep background in fashion and
an MA in Clinical Counseling, it was Cathy’s idea to blend Cathy’s idea to blend their carbon fiber technology with consumer-friendly cotton, eucalyptus and other fibers to create Aarogy’s comfortable Carbon-Powered clothing
line for consumers.

Picture of the founders of Aarogy, Catherine and David Burge
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Who We Are

Our Mission

Aarogy's mission is to develop and manufacture textile technologies that improve the body, mind, and spirit of people and animals.

Our Vision

Aarogy's vision is make people aware of a very simple truth - wearing the right clothing really can make you feel better.  By combining textile manufacturing tradition with biotextile technology, our super-comfortable clothing improves the body, mind, and spirit of all carbon based beings.  We are committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society by integrating people with disabilities into our workforce and financially supporting organizations the seek to serve the underserved.

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