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Our Technology

Carbon is at the heart of Aarogy Innovative Textiles.  Carbon fibers have a higher density than most clothing fibers, making them naturally fire-resistant. The founders of Aarogy developed a patented carbon fiber technology for use in safety apparel and military uniforms.  Following tests at the Natick Army Labs, the General in charge categorized the fabric made with our carbon fiber technology as a totally new class of material with unprecedented thermal performance properties.  Gaining a TRL level 9 designation from the Department of Defense, our carbon fiber was used to protect Special Forces in Bosnia and Iraq.

Aarogy is now using that same military-grade carbon fiber technology, blended with cotton and eucalyptus, to create a comfortable Carbon-Powered consumer line of products with performance and therapeutic qualities. 


THE BASICS, our first collection, features apparel, home and pet products in breathable, light-weight fabrics that naturally re-emit your own FIR energy back into your body to keep you comfortable, calm, and focused any time of day.

Infographic showing the range of far infrared light at between 25 and 200 Microns wavelength

Far Infrared Energy

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are invisible wavelengths of light (energy) which get emitted from mammals, plants and the Sun.  FIR is beneficial to the human body, increasing athletic performance, improving sleep quality, accelerating recovery, reducing inflammation, regulating body temperature, bolstering immune function, providing pain relief, and improving mood, focus and concentration.  Our bodies utilize the energy from FIR to assist in the body’s natural healing process.

Deeply Penetrating

FIR energy is absorbed by cells in the body up to 1.5” below the skins surface and interacts with the vascular system to naturally reduce cortisol levels and stimulate the generation of nitric oxide (NO), an important neurotransmitter produced by every cell in the body. 

Infographic showing the depth of penetration of infrared rays into human skin down to the Hypodermic layer

A Powerful Light

Carbon’s resonant frequency is the same as bio reactive FIR, making it a very efficient platform for capturing FIR energy.  Our Carbon-Powered yarns and fabrics capture the body’s own healing FIR energy and re-emits it back into the body with up to 50x more reflective emissive power than ceramic-based FIR fabrics.

Image of 4 upside down dark lightbulbs and one right side up illuminated light bulb

Our Product

Aarogy’s wearable technology is unlike any other.  Our consumer textiles are made from our patented carbon-based yarns, not a film or coating.  With a unique blend of Carbon, Cotton and Eucalyptus, THE BASICS collection has just the right softness and just the right stretch for the ultimate blend of comfort and performance.  Reflecting FIR energy back into the body at a higher rate, Aarogy’s products improve the body, mind, and spirit of people and animals. 

Infographic  of  the three elements that make up Aarogy fabrics:  Carbon, Eucalyptus and Cotton
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